1990. Born and raised in Granada, Spain. Based in Madrid. Computer Scientist. Graphext co-founder and CEO. 



I am totally dedicated to Graphext, a startup I cofounded 3 years go. We try to find hidden insights in all kind of complex datasets. But if you still think you have an interesting assignment for me, please write!


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Limited series of my photos are available for purchasing at the store ( still under construction )

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What I have done with my life so far?  

From 0 to 17 I grew up in Granada. After graduating from High School I spent a year in NY. Then I decided to move back to Spain and study Computer Science in Madrid. I was lucky enough to live as an exchange student in Melbourne - Australia - and Rome - Italy -, during my college years.

I have collaborated with several media outlets as a freelance and worked with agencies like Getty Images, The Wideangle or Bilderberg.

In 2014 I flew to Davis - California - to start Graphext with my good old-friend Miguel, who was finishing CS there. After a couple of months we both came back to Granada, spent some months in Valencia and finally based our startup in Madrid, where I live now.